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AM01 American Kennel Club Calming Coat - PINK, BLUE, GREY
Many dogs suffer from fear and anxiety and the AKC Calming Coat can help with the following:Noise Sensitivity, thunderstorms, fireworks, lawn mowers, traffic, guns etc.Separation AnxietyTravel SicknessPulling on the leadCrate TrainingExcessive barkingAt Training class and the vetReactivityThe veterinary approved, AKC Calming Shirt is offered in a choice of 5 sizes and in grey pink or blue. There is research to show that gentle pressure will help dogs with anxiety and for many years Tellington TTouch practitioners, vets, trainers, behaviorist etc have been using gentle pressure as an effective solution. Pressure wraps are also known in many cases to be more effective that veterinary prescribed medication which is why vets both sides of the Atlantic recommend pressure wraps to help nervous and anxious dog.SIZINGX-small Girth 33cm-46 cm - Weight 4.5kg - 8kgSmall Girth 41cm - 58 cm - Weight 7kg - 11kgMedium Girth 46cm - 66cm - Weight 9kg - 22.5kgLarge Girth 61cm - 81cm - Weight 18kg - 32kgx-large Girth 76cm - 102cm Weight 27kg - 45kg

Special postal rate: 2.80
Price: £26.00

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