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Catalogue Item - hh27

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HH27 Dogwear All Weather Boot - SINGLE
Rugged sturdy boots that stay on!!. These boots have a three closure system so it takes a few minutes to put them on but that's the last you have to worry about them until you want to take them off. You wouldn't use these for a walk around the block but off the leash at the park or over the fields they are perfect. excellent to protect bandages and wounds

Price: £20.00

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Customer Reviews

Without this boot my Weimaraner was looking at skin grafts as he had an injury that was proving impossible to protect on such an active dog in such an awkward place. This boot was swam in, dug in, played in, slept in, walked in and hunted in and remained in place at all times. I was absolutely amazed and very grateful for this fantastic boot. Simply unbeatable and now recommended by my vet.

Customer Pictures

Hector wearing his Dogwear boot after suffering a foot injury